Facts EVERYONE should know about aging and sexuality:

1) As one ages, the amount of sexual activity generally decreases, however, the amount of sexual interest and ability remains fairly constant.

2) If one's sexuality is constant throughout life, the biological changes associated with aging are less pronounced and sexuality is usually less affected.

3) Understanding that sexuality is normal and natural in old age is an important step to realizing one's own sexuality and becoming more comfortable with sexuality.

4) There is more to sexuality than just vaginal intercourse. There are many other forms of intimate expression ranging from holding hands, to kissing, to masturbation, to oral sex. Understanding that these options are available and acceptable can enrich sexual expression greatly.

5) Sexual activity is possible and takes place through the 70s and beyond!

6) "Sexual health" can be beneficial to the overall health of an elderly individual.

7) The physical exertion associated with sex is near the equivalent to walking up two flights of stairs. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that sex for the patient of a heart operation would rarely be dangerous. (Consult your physician concerning the risks associated with sex following a major heart surgery.)

8) Sexuality in later life is acceptable and natural.

9) If you have concerns related to health and sexual function (including drug interactions, chronic health problems, or surgical procedures) make a point to discuss these concerns with your physician or seek counselling and education from a therapist.