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Although Hell's Geriatrics is not affiliated to any polititcal party, we the UK-resident site owners, can see no rational basis for the UK's membership of the European Union. Indeed, having considered the situation from all angles, we believe that only harm can result - both for the UK and for Europe in general.

The EU constitution is 265 pages long but can be summed up in one clause, number ten.
This says that the Union will have primacy and the nation will be subordinate in every function on every subject at every time.
So you can have the Union or the nation but not both as no two governmental systems can have primacy over each other. If the Union is superior in all things then the nation state becomes a devolved regional government...a nation no longer.
This is what we have to vote on; the final abolition of the nation and concept of nation, to be replaced by the New Continental Order.
The authority to abolish our nation is what Mr Blair wants us to ratify next spring.

We believe that only disaster will ensue, and urge you to read the material at these links:-

Although Curmudgeon and myself happen to be of the same opinion on Europe and the EC, we are not against publishing opposing views and, if you are so minded, would welcome a piece written by you in favour of the EC.
Anyone is welcome to submit articles on almost any subject; all we ask is that they are, rational, reasonably well written and do not include profanity or 'ad hominem' attacks.


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