The Sicky

Didn't want to work today
Didn't care about my pay
Didn't like the people there
Didn't like them didn't care

Wanted to go out
Wanted to feel free
Wanted to spend all my cash
Wanted to do something rash

Needed to feel good
Needed time for me
Needed some good fun
Needed to be absolutely, wonderfully, wildly abandoned and out of my tree!!

I bet you wish you could
I bet you envy me
I bet you'd just give anything
I bet you really would

Would you like to come with me?
Would you call in ill?
Would you leave the chores?
Would you really, would you?

We'd go to town
We'd shop
We'd lunch like ladies do
We'd mess about like little kids, heh, heh, I know you will!

Alas I went to work
I turned up on the dot
I didn't have my usual cup of tea
I asked them where you were
They said you'd called in ill
But I saw you in a taxi when I went out to the factory
You had shopping bags and boy did you look good
You must have been to town
And wondered all around
Had lunch and bought a thing or two
I wish that I'd done that
I wish I'd called in ill
Next time I will, but probably wont tell you!

Ruthy Walters ©