Crystal was the night

The evening air was crisp and clear
We walked the streets
We had no fear
We were so small and full of cheer
And Christmas soon was coming

With laughter and with glee we walked
Glancing at the holly
Looking at the pretty lights
Feeling oh so jolly

We knocked on every door we could
We sang carols sweet as wine
Merry Xmas, Silent Night
Collecting money all the time

The money jangled in our pockets
We skipped along the streets
We didn't notice the cold air
We'd wings upon our feet

The stars were out
They twinkled softly
The moon looked kind of proud
To see us feeling happy
No sign of any clouds

Until the last house in the street
We ran up to the door
A man came out and shouted
Get lost or I'll call the law!

Bloody beggars, he called to us
We wondered why he'd made a fuss
We thought we'd earned our money
Bringing folks such happiness

I looked into the sky
I'd never seen the stars looking so bright
I was sure God would forgive us, he couldn't possibly
be cross
As our hearts were true and crystal was the night.

Ruthy Walters ©