Second Class Citizens.

Research from age concern reveals that Britain's poorest pensioners shop at supermarkets 'reduced' counters, are unable to afford new clothes and do not replace furniture, just to get by.They do not visit dentists and opticians because of the cost; they go without holidays and do not buy home insurance!

Their pensions are not adequate for a 'low cost but acceptable' standard of living.This is a terrible way to treat our Senior Citizens and makes the amount of money spent on the Millennium Dome doubly obscene.
We are quick to forget that those whom society now discards on grounds of age generated much of today’s wealth.

Director of Age Concern, Sally Greengross, recently stated, "It is appalling that the poorest older people are effectively second class citizens, excluded from doing things most people take for granted, like buying a drink in a pub or clothing from a High Street shop."

Many pensioners live 'close to the edge', economising on food and heating.
Every winter many die from hypothermia. What a sad reflection of Britain in the 21st century.