Starting with that arch traitor Edward Heath (who, you will recall, got us
involved in this mess in the first place) our politicians, more or less
consistently, have "sold us down the river" in the pursuit of their
political ideals, giving away our rights of self-determination at every

Meantime, via our net contribution to EC funds, we are paying our farmers
*not* to farm 15% of their land and, at the same time, subsidising their
production of crops of which the EC already stores, and destroys, an annual

Amongst a host of other commodities we are also importing milk from Europe,
roofing slate from Spain and China and coal from Colombia (these last two
rankle with me in particular, since I live in Wales, which is built on slate
and coal).

Whereas France's health service has been nominated (by the WHO) as the best
in the world, our NHS is a miserable 18th - and yet all our politicians seem
able to do is give even more money to those who have built vast 'empires'
within it, in the forlorn hope that doing so will somehow improve the
service offered to those who suffer ill-health. "Doing the same thing over
and over again in the expectation of achieving different results is a sign
of insanity, or carelessness, or both."

There are now fewer beds in our hospitals than there are administrators.

And while all these (and many other) obscenities continue to be perpetrated,
half the world is dying prematurely of disease and malnutrition.

I want no part of Europe.