In a thinly disguised strategy to impose ‘acceptance’ of the Euro on Britain, Tiny Blurr’s ‘spin doctors’ have been putting in a lot of overtime.

The government have launched a massive propaganda campaign to encourage British Business to adopt the Euro.

Millions of pounds have been spent on Treasury letters that give glowing reports of how companies have gained by being able to trade in the new currency.

Seeking to encourage the use of the Euro symbol on millions of letter headings, the Treasury letter has in its top right hand corner, the Government’s web site address. The site tells firms how to download the design of the Euro symbol from the European Commission’s web site, so they can use it on letterheads and company literature.

It seems pretty clear that the government, while distracting the majority of people with trivial and emotive issues, has a covert agenda (aka The Third Way), which has the absorption of Great Britain into the Soviet Republic of Socialist European Countries as its central objective.

One way of ensuring that the promised Referendum will give the result they want, so they reason, is to propagate adoption of the Euro by as many people as possible prior to the event,

i.e. the real purpose seems to be to make the Euro such an inevitability that voting ‘No’ in the referendum will seem pointless.

The official Ministerial line on this highly improper exercise is that it is mainly to help companies overcome any difficulties when the Euro becomes the sole currency in ‘Euro land’ next January, but few will be taken in by this!

You might reasonably ask “What is the cost of this ignoble attempt to deceive ‘all of the people’ that the Euro is a Good Thing?” and “Where is the money coming from to pay for such a massive propaganda campaign?”“

So far, the cost of this contemptible exercise in deception amounts to £27,000,000 and this is being met by you and me from our taxes! Yes, we are paying the entire cost of being deceived into believing that we would rather sing the “Internationale” than “God Save the Queen”

However, despite the best efforts of our government and their ‘fellow travellers’, public hostility to the single currency is growing by the week – not only in Britain but also amongst almost all of the EU members.