According to the Automobile Association, England has officially
ceased to exist and has become an adjunct to the vast Eurostate.
In their latest, 2001 Road Atlas Europe, they name Scotland and Wales
but instead of naming England, they just use the letters GB!
Not content with that they want us to get lost, as they have
listed Britain's motorways under their EU numbers. Would be funny
if it weren't so sickening. The M4 is now part of the E30, which starts
at Cork in Eire, continues to Rosslare in Ireland, goes to London, then
crosses the channel en route to Amsterdam, finally ending in Moscow!
The M62 is now the E22 and ends up in Poland...................
Talk about brainwashing...and with the free world trying to form a
coalition against terrorism, what are fellow EU member states doing?
Well apart from France and Germany (and we are not sure how
committed they are) nothing..........not a thing, nada, zilch... now doesn't
that tell you something?