First they want to replace our currency with the 'Euro-rouble' and now the EC
is reportedly drawing up plans to scrap the British passport and replace it with a
European version!

An EU official is reported to have said, "It is possible that the national symbols
will be abolished and that the passport would just have the European stars on the
front. It makes administrative sense to harmonise the format of passports and other
travel documents. It is widely felt that there is no longer any real need for national
emblems which are confusing to many people."

Who may I ask is confused apart from the EU officials? ! I would like to keep
my UK passport with its Royal Crest and Sovereign's protection.

Will Tiny Blur have the courage to use his power of veto? I wouldn't bet on it
and am of the opinion he will carry us relentlessly on to become citizens
of the new European State! Soon we will have the European legal system,
European armed forces and the loss of any control over our frontiers. In fact,
Britain will cease to be!

The writing is on the wall and when it all happens the authorities will blandly say,
"Well, sorry, but it is too late to do anything about it now."


New European rules on cigarette packet 'warnings' could drive people
to smoke! MEP's have voted for a 'package deal' in which the warning area could
rise to 40% of the packet area and include images of diseased lungs and brains.

Fine and well you might say but where will it all end?
When you order a G&T will the bar staff have to show you a diseased liver?
What about chocolate manufacturers - will they have to put pictures of rotting
teeth on the wrappers? And beef, it doesn't bear thinking about ;-)

This plan could well backfire on the 'Euro-Lords', it reinforces the notion that
smoking is daring, which always increases its appeal to the young.
Much better to put a warning saying 'Smoking seriously damages your wealth'.


Brussels has now effectively wiped out the Scottish fishing industry! Last Friday the
Eurocrats ordered a cut of 50% in cod quotas, 41% in haddock and 33% in whiting in
an effort to preserve fish stocks.

Not a bad thing in itself you might say but whilst our fisherman face redundancy Russian
factory ships are fishing legally in the same waters and pulling undersized fish
and spawning stock from the same cold sea!

Fishing towns up and down the coast are starting to experience the same decline that the
mining towns experienced. Without fishing these little communities will become ghost towns
and a proud tradition will be lost.
The enemy of these people is not the sea, it is European bureaucracy!