The 'Dead' Centre of the Moon.

This is your big moment if you've been dying to visit the moon.
A commercial space company, Celestis, is taking reservations
to carry your ashes there!
Dozens have already registered to have 7 ounces (there is a weight limit)
of their cremated remains blasted into space in a small, epitaph inscribed tube.
The cost of the 4-day, one-way journey is 8,000 and the first flight is
planned for the end of 2001.
Celestis hope to send 200 people on each blast-off.
The chief executive of the company speaking from Houston, Texas said,
"We are trying to open the space frontier for everyone."

Would Curmudgeon care to comment?



I actually think this concept is both amusing and dangerous, Besom.

Perhaps the most surprising feature is that they don't offer a tariff for 'excess baggage',
and one can only suppose that this is because, in Politically Correct America, such an
offer would immediately be perceived as 'Sizeist' (which they'd probably spell 'sizist') or
as discrimination against those who are 'Ascetically Challenged'.

Of course, it's a fairly safe bet that the endless litigation, which the activities of Celestis
will generate, will be totally farcical and, therefore, has the potential for considerable amusement.

I can see the headlines now:
"No proof that ashes ever reached the Moon" claims Arkansas widow Billy Jo Hickstraw.
"My Cletis could be floating around just anywhere, an' I want my money back!”
Her lawsuit was launched following the reported malfunction of the Celestis rocket-ship
"Blast U2 Eternity" and is thought to have led to the withdrawal of sponsorship by
British American Tobacco, Burger King and Miller Lite."

The 'danger' in all of this is that, as usual, the news media will keep trotting this stuff
out, well beyond the point where it is amusing, and bore us all to an early grave.

Me? I think I'll have my ashes scattered round the roses in our front garden.
This will save on the already outrageous cost of earthly interment, never mind
the lunar option; and, anyway, they could do with a feed.