Lin - Town Mare


Council Meetings:
The Council usually meets weekly in Roger’s Wine Bar. Townsfolk are
welcome to attend these meetings and to contribute to the proceedings.
Committees and sub-committees are actively discouraged.

Planning applications are considered weekly and can be passed by a show
of hands and / or a crate of bitter.

Meetings are short and to the point and followed by a knees up, with
Nancy supplying some good old bluegrass music.

The council offices are open to the public except on very sunny days,
which are public holidays by default.

Services Provided:
In addition to the play areas, playing fields and parks, which are
provided, the Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of village
greens and churchyards. The range of leisure opportunities provided
extends from computer classes to allotments, concerts, boat trips and
the yacht club.

BBQ’s are organised on a weekly basis throughout the summer months.

Health care is first class and free to all…there is absolutely no
waiting list for hip replacements.

It is mandatory that all senior folks be accorded a high degree of

Weekends last for 4 days

All citizens must wear an item of purple clothing