Old man walking in the country hears a soft, female voice
say "Hello".
Looks around.  Nobody in sight.
"Hello" he hears again.
Looks around and sees a frog.
Frog says (and I'm cutting this preamble as short as I can)
I am a beautiful princess.  Blonde, 20 years old, gorgeous
etc. etc.  Cursed to be a frog until a gentleman kisses me.
Take me to your bed, kiss me and I will do anything you
He takes the frog to his home and puts her on the pillow of
his bed.  Gets undressed and slides between the sheets.
Turns his back on the frog and wishes her goodnight.
"Hey"says the frog "what about the kiss?".
"Well" says the old man "at my age I think I'd do better
with a talking frog.