I've learned to deal with stress...driving to church, my foot became
a little heavy on the metal and I saw red lights in my rear view
mirror. Being the good citizen I am, I pulled over to the curb.
The officer asked me for my driver's license. I told him I didn't
have one. Then he wanted my registration. I said it was in the
trunk with the dead body. He pulled his gun and radioed for help.
Another officer appeared and asked where my driver's license was. I
gave it to him and he said the other officer told him I didn't have
one. He also wanted to see in the trunk which I opened for him. He
said the other officer said I had a body in the trunk. I told
him "yeah and I bet he told you I was speeding too". I was given a
warning and told to take a dementia test in the morning.;-)