A rabbit had escaped from the laboratory where it had spent all of
its life. It was hopping along the road when it came across a wild
rabbit. The second rabbit was quite friendly and offered to show the
first rabbit the outside world. There they were both hopping along
when the first rabbit noticed a field, which contained carrots. The
wild rabbit told him that they were good eating and that he should go
and try some. They were delicious. Shortly afterward they came to a
field full of lettuce. They also proved to be delicious. The journey
continued until they came to a field full of other rabbits. The wild
rabbit told his pupil that they were female rabbits. Hop across and
help yourself " he said. Later that day the wild rabbit noticed that
his companion was heading back to the laboratory. Where do you think
that you are going?" he said. The first rabbit replied, Im going back
to the laboratory, Im dying for a smoke"