Should we, or should we not join the Single European W.

The trisyllabic English W is costing the nation dear, especially
in the utterance of web addresses. Every time we say 'Double-u
Double-U Double-U', we waste approximately 2 seconds
compared with the economy of saying three German W's
-vay vay vay.

The pace is gathering for the launch of the single European W.
The French, always keen to jump on the German bandwagon,
are ready to ditch their double-ve in favour of the simple
German vay.

Our Government is certainly sympathetic to the concept of
the Single European W but has yet to come out unequivocally
in favour of it.

The new American President's unilateral devaluation of the
US Double-U to a disyllabic Dubya, has however, introduced
an extra option for Britain. By aligning our W with the US Dubya,
we could cut our www to six syllables, thus saving the equivalent
of a whole Double-U and at a stroke eliminating the gains given
by the German third vay.