There are an estimated 17,000 web sites offering prescription drugs for sale on the net.
Do not be tempted - your life could be at risk!

After one hour 'surfing' I could have bought 10 potentially dangerous drugs including
Rohypnol, Viagra, Zyban and the slimming drug Ionamin, which has been banned over fears it
might cause heart damage and has been linked to several deaths.

Another fact to take into consideration is that some of these drugs might be counterfeit and of
dubious quality and questionable benefit.

Access to drugs is regulated for very good reasons! There are charlatans who are selling
Viagra on the Internet by asking 'Noddy' questions and circumventing the normal regulatory
process. On-line consultations are a joke - tick the correct boxes and you get the drug.
The prices quoted are an absolute 'rip-off.'

Don't do it folks - consult your family Doctor.