It was once dismissed as mid life crisis but scientists are now taking the male menopause
seriously and believe that men who complain of hot flushes, a loss of sex drive, night sweats
and mood swings might actually have a serious medical condition.

Research has just started at Aberdeen University to look at the effect of male hormone
replacement therapy. It is hoped the results will prove the male menopause
or 'andropause' exists - not everyone in the medical profession is convinced and some believe
it may be just one aspect of a period of psychological turmoil when men are suddenly faced
with the prospect of getting old.

A simple blood test, however, can tell if testosterone levels are low and the effects of
testosterone replacement therapy have been dramatic for some.

Currently TRT is available on the NHS only if someone is shown to be deficient in the
hormone – it is available as tablets, patches or an implant.


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