Life - the three part cure for depression is this:  
1. Accept your life just as it is, surrender it to God, to Spirit, to Higher Power, whatever you call the Divine.
 This does not mean to be resigned, but to stop fighting it. Stop finding fault with it, seeing what you "lack,
" focusing on all that is "wrong." Stop saying of your life, "This is good, this is bad."  Simply see
it as life, without judgment. 
2.  Begin the practice of self-love.  Get so good at it that you are on your side no matter what.  
Treating yourself like a precious object makes you strong.  Let no one disparage you.  Stand up for
yourself, see all the good in yourself, honour yourself. 
3.  Do something very physical every single day.  Ride a bike, take a walk, exercise, 
do yoga, swim, lift weights.  Body types are different.  Some will respond with only a walk; others, like mine,
need much more. 

When you get those endorphins sailing through your system, depression cannot keep hold of you.
Serious cases have to keep on with their medication for a few months, but their bodies will tell them when it's time to drop the meds.
However, be prepared for things to come up.  If you gave up some important part of yourself when 
you married, for example, some part that longs to, must be expressed, then it will come up again.
And if you continue to say no to your own heart, you will continue to be depressed.  Say yes to yourself.
Say yes to life, say yes to crazy ideas, and say yes to dancing, too music, to wonder and joy and laughter
and jokes.  Say yes to your special beauty and the uniqueness that is you.  Treasure yourself!  Know yourself
for the individual light, the magnificent jewel, the beautiful being you are!
If you want to draw, to sing, to garden, to whatever.  It doesn't matter if you aren't very good at it. 
If you desire it, your soul wants to do it.  So do it!  Stop "depressing" your joy.
Here's a great lesson in "failure."I've always wanted to be a published novelist.  I've written six novels and
can't get a one of them published.  But you know what?  I've started
another one -- and why?  Because it's such a joy to write!  And when I’m writing, I'm never depressed.
The glow lasts for hours and days.  You have to believe that you're worth taking the time to give your
attention to what interests you.  It's that simple and that hard.  It's esp. hard for women.
We give the best of ourselves to others -- it's expected of us, in a way. But we seldom give the best of
ourselves to ourselves. There's a great Jewish philosopher, Hillel, who said, "If not now, when? 
If not here, where?  If not you, who?"  Probably got the quote skewed, but that's the essence of it. Zoe