Victor Meldrew was lined up to star in a series of Labour Party political broadcasts.

Apparently party 'strategists' believed he is the ideal character to woo the grey vote, but was
Meldrew really the right choice and why not call it the gold vote, as in the most valuable?

Although we love Meldrew here on HG, perhaps they could think of an alternative less
patronising choice! Is this the way we want to be perceived ?

According to Age Concern, older people are increasingly unhappy about the way they
are portrayed on television and complain that the over fifties are shown as either grouchy
or sickeningly sweet.

Labour should be beware. Meldrew is a much liked figure on the comedy landscape but
he also symbolises a tendency to stereotype or ignore the majority of older people.

The Government may find that they are alienating the very folks they seek to attract!

We have come of age in more ways than one and we demand respect ;-)