There are 11 million pensioners in the UK and 2 million of them are living below the poverty line.

Part of the Labour election manifesto was to put social justice at the top of its priorities but what justice is there in a 75p pension increase? This is derisory!

The way a society treats it’s senior citizens says much about it’s basic values.

Increasing the basic state pension by 10 would cost about 4 billion, whilst this sounds a lot remember that Gordon Brown has just had a 20 billion windfall from the sale of mobile telephone licences.

Tiny Blur, 2 Jags Prescott and Moneybags Brown should remember that one third of the voters at the next election will be over the age of 60 and are quite capable of taking effective direct action if they so wish. Many of them have paid National Insurance contributions for over 40 years. They are not asking for charity or handouts – simply for what they are due.

I hope the government will recognise that pensioners need to be taken seriously and treated with respect and decency or it will find it’s next crisis just around the corner!

On November 7th, a petition drawn up by the National Pensioner’s Convention, with one million signatures, will be handed to the Queen. Thousands of pensioners are also expected to march on Westminster and lobby their MP’s.

Membership and copies of the NPC petition are available from: -

NPC, 47-51 Charlton Street, London NW1 1HY


The number of pensioners living in poverty has risen by almost 100,000 since Labour came to power!