CARE DIRECTIONS NEWS UPDATE.....................JUNE 2003

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We are pleased to be able to publish an exclusive article concerning 'The Living Will' -- an advanced directive setting out a person's wishes in respect of possible life-sustaining medical support.

Having recently observed a close family's emotional trauma concerning a possible resuscitation decision, I can certainly appreciate how very helpful and comforting the existence of a 'Living Will' could have been -- for all concerned.

The article, presented by Maxine Trowbridge, Solicitor, examines many of the key legal and ethical considerations surrounding the planning and execution of a 'Living Will'.  It stresses, of course, that a 'Living Will' can only be issued to accept or refuse medical treatment, NOT to actively end life.  This thought-provoking article can now be viewed by going to

As always with 'Legal Matters', we would expect and welcome other legal contributions on this highly emotive subject -- which would be of additional benefit to our audience.

The 'Legal Matters' section of the Care Directions web site is dedicated to specific issues of law affecting older people and their families.  The section contains a listing of solicitors specialising in elderly client service and expertise.

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