What's happened to Mr Broon's 'moral compass' then ?

Here we are worrying about mortgages, bank deposits and how we're going to
pay our heating bills this winter and Pa Broon gives Peter Mandelson a new
lease of political life, a peerage and appoints him Business Secretary! Does
he think we have forgotten that Mandy has had to resign from cabinet twice
for misdemeanours bordering on criminal!

Won't surprise me at all if Alistair Campbell and Tiny Blur are offered
guv'mint jobs this coming week!

Gordon and Peter are known to hate each other with a vengeance....how can
this be good for the country? The lengths that politicians will go to to
hold onto power is absolutely sickening....if Mr Broon is willing to sup
with the devil then I can only regard him with increasing cynicism and
despair. He is serving himself first and the electorate a poor second.

The Glenrothes by election is not going to go your way, Mr Broon. What then?
We need an election.