DIY Spacecraft

A build it yourself spacecraft could be available within the next four years!

The flat pack rocket, instructions, nuts and bolts included could go on sale for 325,000.

Maker, James Hill said, ‘It should be as reliable as any other kit such as a boat or helicopter.’

The DIY spaceship called the ‘Kitten’ will be able to take 3 people in a pressurised cabin to an altitude of 120 miles, about half the orbit altitude of the Space Shuttle.

Mr Hill is president of the Cerulean Freight Forwarding Company, based in Washington, which plans to sell the kits.

The ‘Kitten’ will use ceramic rocket engines, which burn a mixture of methane and liquid oxygen, generating a maximum 3G of thrust. Compressed nitrogen will cool the engines and power hydraulic systems and a laptop computer will help the pilot fly the craft.

The first ‘Kitten’ could be ready in 3 years if investors come up with the cash.

Considering the trouble I have assembling flat pack furniture, I don’t think I’ll bother and after Byron’s ‘Ikea’ experience, neither should he!