When we are young we believe that we know almost everything but, as we age the vicissitudes of everyday life prove how wrong we were about this.

As we grow older, so we become increasingly certain that the young - meaning anyone more than ten years younger than us - are wrong about virtually everything.

By the time it dawns on us that the depth of our ignorance is practically unfathomable, the young are in charge and, because they think they know everything, ignore all we say ( or, at best, only pretend to listen when they think that to do so might put them at some pecuniary advantage.)

Thus, Curmudgeon - a natural born Englishman approaching his late sixties and living in Stratford-on-Avon believes that his misanthropy is an inevitable concomitant of the ageing process and makes absolutely no apology for it.

He hates: Political Correctness and claptrap in general; antisocial behaviour; Party Politics and politicians; bankers; lawyers; the financial services 'industry'; the insurance 'industry'; the transposition of words 'professional' and 'amateur' such that each is now taken to mean exactly its opposite; broccoli; and prunes.

He loves: Enthusiasm; wit; honesty; good red wine; people nice enough to pretend that they haven't heard his jokes before.



"When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All Bran?"